“Rabbits can be safely walked on a harness”: veterinarians answered the most popular questions about rabbits
Is it safe to walk a rabbit on a leash? The veterinarian says that owners can completely
walking ball
Toys for chinchillas: what they are and how to make them yourself
Before you start letting your chinchilla out of his cage, you need to tame him and learn how to handle
Rabbit breeding in Russia: development trends, suitable breeds
The desire of Russians for a healthy lifestyle contributes to the development of the rabbit meat market. Consumers are increasingly
Rhodotium 45% is an antibiotic for the treatment of mycoplasma infections in poultry, dysentery and pneumonia in pigs
Pharmacological qualities Rodotium 45% is an antibacterial veterinary drug, the therapeutic effect of which depends on the activity
Is it possible to include burdocks in the diet of rabbits?
Breeding rabbits at home is considered a very profitable business. These animals have juicy meat,
External characteristics
Russian ermine rabbit - description and features
History of Russian ermine rabbits Chinese rabbit, Egyptian, African - they are all one and the same
Rabbit nutrition: what foods should be in the animal's diet
Is it dangerous to give radishes to rabbits? Radishes are one of the first vegetables to ripen on
Methods for treating stomatitis in rabbits: description, causes and symptoms
Causes Infectious stomatitis in rabbits is caused by a virus. Animals that have recovered from the disease acquire lifelong immunity, but become
Rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease (RVHD)
Description The activity of the virus affects almost all internal organs of the animal and is accompanied by bleeding and
Grass for rabbits
Rules for feeding rabbits - useful and dangerous herbs
What kind of grass can rabbits use? For proper feeding of rabbits, it is necessary to use green grass, leaves and
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