The chicken coop should be clean, dry and warm.
Why do ducks swim on water and what helps them not get wet, characteristics of birds
Why do the feathers of waterfowl not get wet? The plumage of birds that live near bodies of water is covered
History of carriages
3d visualization of a carriagedrawing of a carriage forged carriage Today, seeing an equestrian type of vehicle does not happen like that
Does a white horse exist?
Horseback riding. Riding and balance exercises The first thing a good equestrian trainer needs
Tinker: what kind of breed is this, what is its peculiarity
Gypsy horses are a rare, expensive breed, the demand for which is constantly increasing. Attracts in horses
About the horse's tail and mane: features of caring for the horse's tail and mane
Individual approach Each horse requires an individual approach. For example, some are afraid of “tickling” (those with thin
Akhal-Teke horse
Characteristics of Akhal-Teke horses and maintenance rules, how much they cost
Description of the Akhal-Teke horse Horses of this breed, once seen, cannot be confused with others. Saved
The subtleties of the marching trot - how to simplify the rider’s training process?
Teaching riders to lighten up to the correct diagonal and “see” it from the side is very interesting. IN
Three types of horse harness and types of ammunition
Riding Equipment It is often tempting to purchase saddles, bridles and bits before purchasing
How to sew a bridle and halter for a horse with your own hands
Benefits of rope halters Today we will learn how to weave a rope halter for your four-legged friend. Halter
Fresco from a tomb on the island of Agios Athanasios
Horse length from nose to tail
Horses [edit | edit code ] In horses, the withers are formed by part of the spine between
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