Turkey breeds for home breeding
The main differences between the BIG breeds The BIG-6 and BIG-9 breeds were bred by breeders in the UK. They
tumblers pigeons
Turman pigeons: types, description, contents, photos
Breeding pigeons is an interesting hobby. Purebred birds are quite expensive to purchase, but for those who love it
Pig does not get up on its feet: common causes and treatment
If a piglet's hind legs fail, the reasons need to be identified based on the fact that it is
Description and characteristics of Uzbek breed pigeons, breeding and care
History of the breed This breed has an interesting history. On the territory of Uzbekistan, the ancestors of these birds
geese plucking
Reasons why geese nibble each other
How to pluck? Plucking geese at home occurs in several ways: dry; hot; by using
Description and breeding of fighting cock breeds
Peculiarities of breeding When forming a parent flock, it is necessary to select roosters that are not too large. Laying hens should
Broiler on scales
Growing broilers - care and feeding at home
How to measure the weight of a broiler? Body weight is measured at least once a week, preferably daily.
How can you tell if the chicken has gone bad?
Why is chicken meat yellow?
In order for the prepared dish to be not only tasty, but also healthy, it is important to use only fresh
Pouting pigeon: characteristics, varieties, care and maintenance
Pomeranian. In general, all these bird species are very similar, but at the same time
Does a chicken lay eggs without a rooster?
Why chickens don't lay eggs, reasons and what to do
What is a rooster for? When breeding laying hens, it is the females that are important. They
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