Goat mating and artificial insemination
Dear goat breeders! The first goat seed bank appeared in Russia. It is organized at the All-Russian Collection
Cow tripe
Techniques for “rumen acceleration” in calves in the first months of life
Expert opinion Maria Andreevna Kosheleva Farmer with 15 years of experience in breeding goats and cows.
Raising foals, how to feed and care
Livestock » Horses 0 1473 Article rating Kira Stoletova A foal of any breed requires special
How to feed a one-month-old calf: feeding patterns by age without a cow
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cow's afterbirth
What does a cow’s placenta look like and how long does it take to come out? What if it doesn’t come out?
What causes the delay? Many literary sources say that the release of membranes after
Diseases of cows after calving: symptoms, characteristics and types
Common diseases of cows after calving Farmers are happy to wait for the cow to calve, because there is so much energy
Separation of milk: how to separate and at what temperature - separation process
Milk separator There are ready-made options produced by well-established manufacturers, as well as
How to treat joints in calves and cows
In this article we will tell you why a cow lame. Cattle (cattle) are under
Pumpkins are easy to care for
Features of fodder pumpkin
Who is given fodder pumpkin? The fodder variety of pumpkin is considered a technical vegetable. It differs in size and
how to lift a cow after lying low without a winch
Postpartum confinement in cows: symptoms, treatment
Causes of obstruction During childbirth, there is a high risk of injury to ligaments, bones and joints, therefore
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