Why do ducks swim on water and what helps them not get wet, characteristics of birds

Why do waterfowl feathers not get wet?

The plumage of birds that live near bodies of water is covered with a thin layer of fat. It protects the body cover from getting wet. Fat also retains heat. Water flows down the back, starting from the head, if the duck emerges and swims, in such a way that it does not seep through the dense feather layer.

Birds groom themselves after each bath to renew the protective layer on their feathers. Near the tail of all waterfowl there is a special gland that produces fatty lubricant. Ducks grab it with their beaks and carefully rub it into their plumage. Muscle fibers lift the feather shafts. From the outside it looks like the bird is shaking itself off after water procedures.

She performs all these manipulations several times daily in order to stay afloat.

Scientists have proven that if you wash off the fat layer from a duck, it will drown, despite the lightness of the bones and the total supply of air in the lungs.

Presence of membranes

Webbed feet are important adaptations for movement in and under water. Ducks' legs are short compared to other birds, but they are strong and located closer to the tail. They have three main fingers with membranes and one accessory one on the inner edge. It is necessary for stability.

On land, the bird's gait looks clubbed, and ducks cannot boast of walking speed. Their paws stand vertically; when viewed from the front, they are sloping towards the center. When running on such limbs, the bird may even fall on its chest due to poor balance. In water, the paws are at an angle to the surface. It is thanks to their size and muscle strength that the bird can quickly gain speed, turn and brake.

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In fact, the entire body of the bird turns into a boat, and its legs into a motor. The streamlined body shape and flattened head contribute to the development of excellent maneuverability.


Preventing candidiasis in chickens involves ensuring proper maintenance - cleanliness in the chicken coop, regular treatments against ectoparasites, as well as helminths. Complete nutrition is provided by factory-made compound feed or feed mixture prepared from BVMK and cereal dirt. We should not forget about the shell, which is poured into separate feeders or added to the feed mixture. If chickens roam around the yard, gravel may not be included in the diet. Such techniques will help prevent a decrease in immunity.


Some poultry farmers practice using wet mash. Such food increases the appetite of chickens, but if used carelessly, it can lead to thrush or feed poisoning. You should not feed the bird spoiled or fermented melons, vegetables, and fruits.

Caution is required when feeding chickens food waste, which may contain salt, spices, and serve as a good breeding ground for the development of yeast and putrefactive microflora.

The chicken coop should be clean, dry and warm.
The chicken coop should be clean, dry and warm.

All diseases of chickens occur from the inattentive attitude of the owners towards them. They should not be perceived as recyclers of food scraps and gardening waste. There is no need to conduct experiments on feeding birds with non-traditional feeds. It is necessary to ensure that the owners and chickens feel satisfaction from communicating with each other.

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It is known that ducks can stay in icy water for a long time and move calmly through the snow. Some species even sleep right on the waves, with their heads tucked under their wings. There is no mystery in this, it’s all about the special feather layer.

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Dense down is covered with thick feathers. There is a sufficient layer of warm air between them. In addition, the upper feathers, due to fatty grease, are windproof.

duck swims

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Interesting features

Along with everything else, these funny birds have a number of unusual differences:

  1. Ducks' feet do not freeze even in cold weather, because there are simply no blood vessels or nerve endings there.
  2. Waterfowl are held to the surface by an air sac, which, when diving, pushes air to the back so that the beak and chest are submerged.
  3. The third eyelid protects the duck's eyes from debris in turbid water.
  4. Ducks can dive directly from the surface of the water, while most other birds dive from a height to do this.
  5. When diving, birds regulate depth and speed with their wings and movable tail.
  6. They are able to dive for 7-13 minutes if they are chasing prey. The average swimming speed is 1 m/s.
  7. During molting, ducks try to stay in the pond as little as possible, because there is a risk of losing heat and getting their new feathers wet.
  8. The subcutaneous layer of fat also serves as a float and warms the birds in the cold.
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