Production of fertile queen bees
Wintering of nucs and weak bee colonies It is important for beekeepers to have spare queen bees in the apiary.
Cow tripe
Techniques for “rumen acceleration” in calves in the first months of life
Expert opinion Maria Andreevna Kosheleva Farmer with 15 years of experience in breeding goats and cows.
High bottom
Hive for bees - we make it ourselves
The bottom of the hive is the fundamental element of the bee house. In terms of importance, it can be compared with
walking ball
Toys for chinchillas: what they are and how to make them yourself
Before you start letting your chinchilla out of his cage, you need to tame him and learn how to handle
The chicken coop should be clean, dry and warm.
Why do ducks swim on water and what helps them not get wet, characteristics of birds
Why do the feathers of waterfowl not get wet? The plumage of birds that live near bodies of water is covered
geese plucking
Reasons why geese nibble each other
How to pluck? Plucking geese at home occurs in several ways: dry; hot; by using
Rabbit breeding in Russia: development trends, suitable breeds
The desire of Russians for a healthy lifestyle contributes to the development of the rabbit meat market. Consumers are increasingly
Description and breeding of fighting cock breeds
Peculiarities of breeding When forming a parent flock, it is necessary to select roosters that are not too large. Laying hens should
Broiler on scales
Growing broilers - care and feeding at home
How to measure the weight of a broiler? Body weight is measured at least once a week, preferably daily.
How can you tell if the chicken has gone bad?
Why is chicken meat yellow?
In order for the prepared dish to be not only tasty, but also healthy, it is important to use only fresh
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