Cow names: a list of names that can be used to call a female calf and a bull. What are cows called by color?

Cow Name Ideas

Now that we've covered a few of the most common cows found on the farm, how about a few naming tips?

  • Don't name the cow you plan to kill. When you name something, you create a personal relationship, so naming the cow you plan to turn into food could make it difficult for you or your family when the time comes.
  • If you have a lot of cows, create a theme for their names, such as different flowers, countries, dairy/beef products, famous artists or cartoon characters.
  • What color is the cow? There are many names you can do with flowers! Snowdrop, ginger, licorice and chocolate, to name a few.
  • The buns are wonderful! The word "cow" is hidden in many other words and can be turned into a cleverly humorous name. Cowntess!
  • Giving them names that mean "small" is great for cow names, since cows are a whopping 1000 pounds of little ones!
  • Think of names that highlight their features: spots of color, tufts of hair, or long eyelashes.

How to train a calf to its name

Expecting a cow to respond to its name, like a dog, for example, is useless. But don’t rush to give up. “Horned” are very smart creatures, they are extremely sensitive and, if you find the right approach, they will thoroughly know when you are turning to them.

The first thing you need to remember is how to name the calf and how to accustom it to the name - from birth. As we have already noted, these animals need affection from childhood. Therefore, pay attention to them every day, talk to them and be sure to repeat their nickname. Over time, they will remember this so much that they will begin to respond to their nickname.

It is somewhat more difficult when the individual already had a name before it came into your home. Therefore, when purchasing, do not forget to find out the nickname. Already at home, talk to her and call her. This will help you gain her trust faster.

When the cow becomes an adult, the owner must stroke her wet nurse during milking, talk to her and call her.


Despite the age of the animal, always give her maximum time and give her your warmth. Remember that in Indian culture the cow is a great priesthood. Although for many centuries this animal has been highly valued in our culture.

To train an animal to respond, you need to know the following:

  • Nicknames should be short and sweet-sounding;
  • Constantly repeating the name since birth
  • Talk a lot with the nurse, using her nickname.


The following nicknames are suitable for the stronger sex:

AAlpha, Apis, August, Cupid, April, Adam, Arkasha, Agate, Apricot, Astral, Aborigine;
BBusiness, Borman, Borka, Bonaparte, Beaver, Vimes;
INVaska, Vanka, Volny, Zhik, Veterok, Giant;
GHudson, Giant, Hannibal, Gorynych, Leader, General, Guy, Gavryusha, Thunder, Nail, Golubchik, Hans, Herman, Guarantor, Hector, Dahlia;
DDick, Donbass, Dadon, Dnepr, Danube, Angelica, John, Dubok, Dozhdik, Joker, Dandy, Deposit, Dobrynya;
HEREmelya, Elisey, Ermak, Yenisei, Erema, Hedgehog;
ANDJacques, Zhivchik, Zhigan, Groom, Jules;
ZZeus, Winter, Bison, Zolotnik, Big Man;
ANDFrost, Iris, Raisin, Red deer, Mohawk, Ideal, Interest;
TORoot, Strong, Cedar, Cavalier, Casanova, Kolchak, Cyprus, King;
LLyubchik, Lavrik, Loki, Levkoy, Lexus, Louis, Lyubimets, Lel;
MMarquis, Mars, Marcus, May, Mister, Minister, Marshal, Macho, Muller, Hammer, Muromets, Sailor, Munich, Bear, Honey, Milok;
NNovember, Nero, Nord, Newton, Sissy, Innovator;
ABOUTOctober, Mischievous, Odyssey, Oligarch, Orange, Eagle, Oscar;
PPiebald, Peter, Motley, Porthos, Peach, Donut, Noon, Pervak;
RRomeo, Roger, Rimbaud, Rocco, Ricci, Ronaldo, Ramses;
WITHSenya, Spartak, Elephant, Sarmat, Scythian, Stozhok, Samson, North, Secret, Socrates;
TTarzan, Fat Man, Tibet, Cumin, Tamerlane, Totem, Ace, Poplar, Fog, Titan;
UUgolyok, Ulan, Hurricane;
FThomas, Format, Queen, Feudal, Foros, Flint, Franz;
XSerf, Brave, Chrome, Hill;
CCaesar, Tsarevich, Zurich, Circus, Gypsy;
HChurchill, Chubchik, Charlie;
ShChocolate, Shelest, Naughty;
SCHSherbet, Goldfinch;
EElvis, Standard, Eros;
YUJupiter, Julius, Humor, Eustace;
IArdent, Yarila, Ash, Jason, Amber.

List of popular names in alphabetical order

Whether you're looking for interesting (funny) names or classic names, there are sure to be some great ideas for naming a cow or bull. Tables below.


For cow girls

The table shows the most popular names in alphabetical order:

LetterPopular nicknames for chicks
AAurora, Ada, Alice, Harp, Assol, Aphrodite
BButterfly, Baranka, Squirrel, Bella, Bertha, Bonnie, Bonya, Buryonka, Businka
INValentine, Vanessa, Varya, Venus, Volnaya, Volushka, Vyuga
GGazelle, Pebble, Glasha, Dove, Countess, Thunderstorm
DDakota, Dana, Darla, Dashka, Noblewoman, Virgo, Dekabrina, Juliet, Diana, Dina, Dusya, Daisy
EEva, The Only One, Elnushka, Enichka
ANDZhdanka, Pearl, Zhenya, Giselle, Josephine, Priestess, Zhuzha
ZFun, Glow, Dawn, Star, Asterisk, Winter, Zorka, Zosya
ANDToy, Isabella, Emerald, Toffee, Spark
TOButton, Doll, Doll, Candy
LLama, Weasel, Laura, Swan, Legend, Lady, Lazy, Lily, Linda, Luna, Lyubava, Lala
MMadame, Madonna, Baby, Daisy, Margie, Masha, Cutie, Minnie, Maude, Molly, Cloudberry, Motya, Mumu, Murashka, Murka, Meg
NReward, Nadezhda, Naida, Outfit, Nezhdanka, Night
ABOUTOvation, Olesya, Olivia, Octave, Olympiad, Ophelia
PCookie, Victory, Girlfriend, Polina, Polyanka, Fluffy, Bee
RRavella, Ravenna, Rainbow, Solution, Rare, Rimma, Rosie, Mitten
WITHSemaika, Serafima, Ciara, Silva, Sympathy, Siren, Glory, Cold
TTaiga, Mystery, Tamarka, Taya, Tina, Tradition, Tulitsa
ULuck, Smile, Smart girl, Joy
FFaina, Feva, Felicia, Fairy, Meatball, Fuji
XPraise, Bread, Hostess
CGypsy, Tsysana
HChapa, Chernonochka
ShSkoda, Shunya
SCHChirp, Bristle
EEliza, Elina, Elite, Ella, Esmeralda
YUYula, Juno, Nimble
IBerry, Yantarka, Bright, Yara. Jasper.

Bull calves

Not only girls are given beautiful names. Bulls are no exception either:

LetterPopular nicknames for bulls
AAdam, Alf, Aristocrat, Arnie, Arnold, Afonya
BBanderas, Barin, Barmaley, Basya, Bambi, Bern, Bessie, Bob, Bodya, Boko, Bonaparte, Borodan, Bearded Man, Borka, Brave, Browser, Bublik, Bull
INVaska, Venka, Willie, Volny, Wolf, Vors, Vorsok, Bindweed, Vyatik
GGavryushka, Guy, Gambit, Hamlet, Geyser, Duke, Count, Gustav
DDiego, Diesel, Doc
EHuntsman, Egorushka, Eater, Emelya, Ermak
ANDZhora, Georges, Zhorik, Zhuzha, Zhuchok
ZStarry, Zeus, Zigzag, Winter, Zorg
ANDIgnat, Frost, Interesting, Hippolyte
TOTreasurer, Cain, Prince, Christophe, Kuzya, Cupid
LLeo, Leonard, Leopold, Leshy, Limousine, Lunar, Luntik, Pet, Lyubchik
MMike, Marquis, Mars, Martin, Mephistopheles, Teddy Bear, Monarch, Morozko, Mustang
NSissy, Neptune, Norman
ABOUTGlutton, Oligarch, Othello
PPate, Dodger, Prince
RRango, Remarque, Rembrandt, Rick, Rodrigo, Horn, Rolf, Diamond, Romeo, Wolverine, Ross, Rusak
WITHSamurai, Saturn, Sensei, Senya, Syoma, Sivka, Smurf, Spartak, Sultan
TTaurus, Tarzan, Tiger, Tikhon, Totem, Native
UHurricane, Coal, Clever, Clever
FPheasant, Faust, Queen, Fedor, Figured, Magician, Fomka
XHann, Round Dancer, Jose, Ridge, Christopher
CTsarevich, Tsar, Caesar
HCheburashka, Churchill, Chizhik, Chippolino, Chudik
ShShaitan, Hatter, Joker
SCHGenerous, Sherbet
EEdward, Elvis, Elite, Ernest
YUJulian, Jupiter
IYakov, Jan, Yanik, Bright, Ardent

By color

The color of the animal can also affect the name:

LetterNicknames by color
PPiebald, Pied, Fifty
RRyzhuha (option for a boy - Ryzhik)
ShChocolate (Chocolate)

Did you know? The total weight of all cows living on the planet is approximately three times the weight of all people.

By month of birth

Depending on when the baby was born, the owner can come up with a nickname based on the month of birth:

LetterNicknames by month of birth
AAprilka (April)
MMike, Martha
ABOUTOktyabrina (October)

Flowers and plants

As is known, in villages the choice of animal names has long been considered carefully. We can say that this is a real ritual. The names of cows associated with weather phenomena, “floral” and “vegetable,” look interesting. Judge for yourself:

LetterNicknames associated with flowers and plants
BBirch, Lingonberry
INBranch, Cherry
ANDRaisin, Iris
TOKalinka, Kedr
LLavender, Buttercup
MRaspberry, Mimosa
RRose, Chamomile, Rowan
FViolet, Flora
CBlossom, Flower, Floral, Blooming

Geographic names

Based on the gender of the animal, they come up with “geographical” nicknames:

LetterGeographic nicknames
AAsia, Altai, Alaska, Amurchik, Ararat
DDnieper, Danube
PParisian (Paris), Polish
ShSwedish, Scottish
YUSouth, South

By distinctive features

You can name an animal depending on the characteristic features of its exterior:

LetterNicknames based on distinctive features
ZBig guy
TOSturdy, Curly, Curly
PDonut, Donut

Did you know? A cow's mouth has 25 thousand taste buds. Therefore, these animals distinguish between sweet, salty, sour and bitter tastes.

The nature

They say that a cow is an animal with a special character. Already at birth, her character can manifest itself. This means that you can come up with an appropriate name:

LetterNicknames by character
BChatterbox, Cheerful, Kicky, Violent, Brawler
INCheerful, Veselukha.
DSavage, Wild, Friendly
TOCasanova, Coquette
LAffectionate, Dodger, Fierce
NTender, Unbridled
WITHBrave, Meek
TQuiet, Quiet
XTricky, Brave, Fragile
ShShaitan, Nimble.

How to impress with originality: popular ideas for inspiration

In the absence of a suitable option, the nickname can be borrowed from a variety of industries. For example, you can often find animals named after characters from various TV series and cartoons:

  • Rapunzel;
  • Cinderella;
  • Prince;
  • Carlos.

Fans of mythological heroes may well call bulls Hercules, if the individual is distinguished by great strength, or Apollo, if the animal has a beautiful, outstanding appearance. Chicks can be called Aphrodite, Aurora, Hero.

Important: when choosing original nicknames, you should still remember simplicity and appropriate sound.

Options for nicknames for a male calf

GobyBull - Master
There are slightly fewer options for how to name a bull, but for them you can also choose a suitable name from the following list, compiled in alphabetical order:

  • A – August, Adam, Alf, Arnie, April, Arnold, Afonya;
  • B – Banderas, Bambi, Boko, Bern, Barin, Bodya, Browser, Bonaparte, Barmaley, Basya, Borka, Bravy, Bublik, Bull, Bycha, Buyan;
  • V – Vaska, Venka, Willy, Volny, Vors, Vyatik;
  • G – Gavryushka, Guy, Hamlet, Count, Hudson;
  • D - Dikiy, Diego, Don, Dok, Donskoy, Dnieper, Domomusha, Danube, Devil;
  • E - Huntsman, Caustic, Emelya;
  • F – Zhora, Zhorik, Georges;
  • Z – Starry, Zeus, Zigzag, Winter;
  • And - Ignat, Frost, Iris;
  • K - Cedar, Fireweed, Red, Kuzya, Krepysh, Prince, Kruglyash, Krokha;
  • L - Leo, Leopold, Luntik, Fierce, Lyubchik;
  • M – Marquis, Morozko, Mars, Martin, Mishka;
  • N – November;
  • O – Mischievous, Gluttonous, October;
  • P - Paris, Pate, Piebald, Peter, Motley, Obedient;
  • R - Rodrigo, Rombik, Rango, Horn, Rolf, Romeo;
  • S – Saturn, Senya, Syoma, Sivka, Smurf, Sultan, Spartak;
  • T – Taurus, Tolstoy, Tiger, Tarzan, Tikhon;
  • U - Ugolyok, Umka;
  • F – Pheasant, Fedor;
  • X – Brave, Christopher;
  • C – Tsar, Caesar.;
  • Ch - Chizhik, Cheburashka;
  • Sh - Shaitan, Nimble;
  • Ш – Sherbet;
  • E – Elite.;
  • Yu – Jupiter;
  • I am Yanik, Yakov.

Many have noticed that whatever you call a bull, that’s what its character will be. Therefore, if you want the calf to grow big and strong, then you should not give the bulls the name Baby or Tiny. If we call a girl Buyanka, then she may grow up naughty and bratty.

It is best to observe the behavior of the calf and give it a nickname that fully matches its character. In addition, according to research by some scientists, a beautiful name can increase milk yield. But no matter what name is given to a bull or a cow, something else is more important - care, attention, careful attitude and nutrition. By providing proper animal care, you can increase the productivity of your farm.

Nicknames alphabetically table

The table below offers the most common nicknames that have been encountered previously. But, of course, the owner decides what to name the cow. Don't rush into making a choice.

You need to observe the newborn, get used to his character and, based on this, settle on the right option. After all, whatever you call a calf, this will probably be its character,

LetterCow namesBull names
AApril, Aurora, Ada, Alice, Aza, Altaika, Alaska, Harp, Arina, Astra, AssolAlphonse, Cupid, April, Arnold, Adam.
BButterfly, Birch, Barbara, Squirrel, Businka, Bodraya, Brovka, Buyanka, Buryonka.Master, Basya, Borka, Bravy, Bublik, Buyan.
INVarka, Venus, Willow, Evening, Freckle, Cherry, VolzhankaVaska, Wolf
GGlasha, Gerda, Dove, Grace, Thunderstorm, Countess, Pear,Gavryusha, Hercules, Count
DDasha, Diana, Savage, Dinka, Dora, Daughter, Dunayka, Dubrava, Dunka, DusyaWild, Don, Danube
ZZvezdochka, Zoyka, ZorkaBeast
ANDToffee, July, Spark, June.Igrun, June, July
TOClara, Button, Coquette, Belladonna, Krasulya, ColchisKarl, Handsome, King
LLada, Weasel, Swallow, Lady, LyubushkaLyon, Fierce
MT-shirt, Malinka, Baby, Malvinka, Baby, Manka, Marquise, Martha, Matilda, Marfa, Matryoshka, Masha, Mary, Milka, Motya,Mars, Marat, Marquis, Mitrofan, Bear
NNaida, Nakhodka, Forget-me-not, Noyabrina, NochkaNovember
PPeahen, Pestrukha, Victory, Girlfriend, Assistant, Puffy, Bee, FiftyMotley, Petrusha
RChamomile, RedwortRomeo, Ryzhik,
WITHSeptember, Fairy Tale, Slavyanka, Snowflake, SonyaSpartacus
TTina, DotTarzan, Tikhon
UGood luck, UlyankaCoal
FFavorite, Fevralinka, Fedora, Violet, FairyFelix
CGypsyTsar, Caesar
IYagodka, YarkaYary, Yakhont, Yashka

Old orders

In the old villages, the name for the cow was chosen carefully. It was believed that the character of a cow depends on what you call it. Before deciding on a name, they looked closely at the animal, trying to understand what corresponded to its behavior and disposition.

Today, nicknames for animals cease to have such meaning, but in many farms old traditions are preserved. Farmers who use the experience of their predecessors find themselves in a more advantageous situation than those who name an animal, guided by new rules.

By naming a cow or bull according to its character, the farmer begins to perceive it as part of his life, and not as a means to obtain milk or meat.

What nicknames should you not give to calves?

It has been the case since ancient times that it is not customary for animals, including calves, to be given nicknames associated with human names. Although many do not pay attention to this unspoken rule. But every human name has its own heavenly patron in heaven, and calves, especially bulls, will often sooner or later be taken to slaughter. From a religious point of view, this is more like sacrilege, so you should not tempt fate and God.

In addition, it may happen that among your neighbors or close and distant acquaintances there may be a person with a similar name. This can cause unnecessary resentment and disappointment.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to use names for calves whose names have national affiliations, political connotations or dialectical words. It is better to live in peace with neighbors.

You should also not use nicknames with aggressive notes in sound for calves, such as Buyan, Zlyuka, Stubborn, Aggressor and others. After all, a calf can grow up with a character corresponding to its name, and then the owner will have more troubles in life.

List of options

It is believed that it is easier to choose a nickname for a cow than for a bull, but this is a controversial opinion. To simplify the search for a name and understand how to name a bull, sometimes it’s enough just to look at the list of names, which are sorted alphabetically for convenience:

Since the question of choosing a nickname is important not only in the case of a cow, but also with other pets, farmers often puzzle over what to name a goat. The list of names above will help resolve this issue. They can also be used as goat names.

2000+ most original nicknames for bulls boys and girls

Can't find a popular and funny name for your bull? This list contains all the most original, unusual, interesting, funny, popular and cool names for bulls. I hope this list will help you make your choice and save your precious time. Look and choose a worthy name for your friend. . The most common names for bulls are Russian, Japanese, German, French, English and Korean names. This is due to the fact that foreign names sound quite original and unusual.

2000 of the most original nicknames for boys and girls bulls

Lists with names for all possible types of animals are presented on our website. See and choose names for animals on our website.

  • 1 The coolest and best (TOP 50)
  • 2 Simple and easy
  • 3 Beautiful
  • 4 Cool and funny
  • 5 Popular
  • 6 Unusual, interesting and original
  • 7 For the furry one
  • 8 For black
  • 9 For white
  • 10 For the redhead
  • 11 For gray
  • 12 Russians
  • 13 English
  • 14 German
  • 15 French
  • 16 Japanese
  • 17 Rare

The coolest and best (TOP 50)

Tager Silfur (in Icelandic) Marusya Punia Storm Yulyash Zoe Felis Eleganta Sylvie (forest) Laura Bassi Elurus Valkyrie Hagrid Carmela Suriya (sun) Chupa Chups Dashka Mada Mali (jasmine) Eleganta Mada Cola Peugeot Unite Raja Sartai Kisser Valkyrie Serval Captain Sylvester Diadem Carla Devil Didier Volt Tami Eva Yuren Kasumi All Zinovy ​​Bloom Bat Orange Chupa Chups Sheetsy Monster Elegant Chicory Omelette

Simple and easy

Mukhtar Mocha Cilda Bach Sultan Tux Phryne Saint Winfred Athol Seed Fresco Ghast Impresario Humes Zhdun Athena Peppo Howl Deniska Ozma Mystery Ezra Aza Iraq Toffee Inraig (housekeeper) Raflez Gur Fish Mavra Lipstick Baird Yoska Kring Valentin Unicum Howl Corinna Chianea (“dark sky”) Chevy Yolanda Lincoln


Ariana Hunt Rinty Carnelia Balthazar Strike Enur Cheret/Cheri, Shari/Sharit (favorite) Kat Woman Emperor Ivanhoe Gracia Thor Pankratz Tensi Zolotinka Aphrodite Pavla Murlin **__** Siegrif Zhadi Weekend Door Meryl Argus Winston Meryl Amphiter Aurora (affectionate, favorite) Michio Fox Alistair Ariana Skype Hideo (wonderful, excellent) Sparkle Sharmel Ashton Anabella Amphisbaen Argus Biron Rapunzel Aquamarine Plop Twilight Citron

Cool and funny

Avatar Chag Rionna Irene Eskimo Zipper Francoise Blizzard Hassie Gromozeka Goulash Katana Katana Rommie Felton Felona Agar-Agar San Guzlik Gigabyte Monk Parker Ledger Bluetooth Horik Samurai Malfik Ebenezer Madi (the beginning of something good, kind) Badger Smart IQ (abbreviation for “intelligence values” ) Sonora Tato Leonardo Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh's long-eared companion) Cindy Tess, Tessa (short and sweet name for a cat) Stelara (cluster of stars, constellation) iPhone Shade Gothic Nadine


Takara Marlon Yankee Owen Sommer Chogori Maru (round) Mink Major Edmund Shady Sorbon Alish Dryad Ryzhka Mech-Dinan European Flash Emmy Platosha Imp Elric Schnapsa Tsortsia Lizak Haya Florian Baby Raiska Kenny Semiramis Mao Teddy Erns

Unusual, interesting and original

Kreia Guinea Yuz Gabriella Iffi Warbers Grat Beliana Yarysia Leoncia X **__** Shir Jasper Brando Lyubava Bronson Algir Umsel Beverly Hills Fend Vilana Dampada Boniface ("fate") Natasha Luke, Lucius, Lucius (light) Alvar Prosha Elmira Marvel Tarmak Alfina Basic Liang Heat Amato Night

For furry

Darika Vasyutka Velvet West Darika Dantes Gaylord (dandy) Hero Gatsby Velvet Valerie Dara, Tao (star) Wind (wind) Velvet

For black

Danko Verdi Adrianna (dark) Danko Dar Griffin View Dark Venya Biagira Verdi Vitelotte Noir (“living black”) Vitelotte Noir (“living black) Jet (a coal-black stone that was used in amulets, amulets and witchcraft) Adrianna (dark) Vivaldi Verdi's Vulture Crow Venya Bagirka Venus Bes Dara Daria Bes Dallas Venya Bagirka Venus Griffin Vitelotte Noir ("living black") Versace

For white

Weissy Velor Twig White Black Sugar Velor Veles White Fang Eternity Damian Albino Winter Beluga (a variety of lentils whose grains resemble black caviar) White Black Velvet Albino Veronica Dundee Gavin (hawk) White Tail Eternity White Fang Eternity Blondie Vector Vatan Arctic Winter White Fang Black Baccarat Blonde Damian Veronica

For the redhead

Scarlet Versailles Danuta Gregg (vigilant and cautious) Ardon (bronze) Aka (red, red) Vern Aka (red, red) Daitan (brave and brave) Danuta Scarlet

For gray

Argenta (silver) Grayson Dakki Argyris (silver) Vizier of Dakki Grace Gray Aurum Vhiv Betana/Betka (concrete color) Gray Gray Grayson Aurum Argenta (silver) Verunchik Verunchik Gauk Hekuto (poetic name of the moon)


Diver Pea Jacket Talk Victor Womanizer Leka Maneater Buran Thunderstorm Goluba Honda Vsevolod Imp Bourgeois Will Whirlwind Galaxy Proud Lexa Aksinya Beads Nassi Balm Danis Womanizer East Valdai Brat Cherry Yurash Valdai Barmaley Pomegranate Bayan Diver Blueberry Nibbler Terrible Briquette Vigdis (goddess of war) Ataman Sinn (my treasure) Goga Garik Kudryasha Emerald Briquette


Cecil Simpson Ilene Dana Ready Night Fairy Jason Levion Phillips Mtsyri Montana Orson Marmusha Joseph Kruiza Terpsichore Ervin Simosha Chopik Gideon Black Star Honya Mond Maxwell Blue Mongol Yeshkan Lur Raisin Uwe Dapper Rex Dulcinea Night Fairy Helios Helly


Grau Stella Guber Venta Manya Ungar Gall Santa Claw Sargan Beggar Overcoat Gauss Davis Furytail Vera Fang Kansin (delight, interest) Praskovya Mommy Mommy Sidra (daughter of the stars)


Glatton Bijou Bouchard (strong) Gospard Bardot Bernard Bernard Bless Gautier Bless Vivien Bernard Antoine Vivien Baldois (daredevil, brave man) Adier Gascon Bless Bourbon Meringue Bourbon Veil Bordeaux Hoffmann Bourbon Bernard Garson Gregor Bastian


Atsuko (warm, cozy) Akkura Veksel Amori Vansai Akira Ayumi (the one who walks in dreams) Veron Amore (beloved) Veksel


Cyrex Rubina Dipsy Niran ("eternal in Thai") Yesenia Cheryl Spider Sharon Brightoy Devil Linus Lymus Zigrin Like Roll Yeku (winged) Ryu (dragon) Bun Ma (bringer of luck) Alexia Ideal Matteu Happy Chaplin Bakul North Scat Cat Dill Tisha Altares Suma (questioning) ) Meisha Lily of the Valley Iyulka Stirlitz Derwent Matvey Pankrat Norion Lily of the Valley Micro Alicia Sulma Denver

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